Turbo Planner-Program For Compiling Timetables

Turbo Planner is an automated program for compiling timetables.

The basics are as follows:

  1. You enter basic information about your school and the classes that are taught

  2. The program compiles the timetable on the basis of your preferences as well as the schedules for teachers, classrooms and classes.

  3. You can then change anything you like by using the checking facility.

Turbo Planner naturally also correctly manages links and the advanced level.

You will find details of the new features in Version 2001 by clicking here.

The following chapters contain additional information about the program's functions

  1. Basic information about the school

  2. Times at which tuition takes place

  3. Preferences

  4. Classes

  5. Teachers

  6. Links

  7. Compilation

  8. Checking

  9. Utilization of rooms

  10. Advanced level

Turbo(Timetable) Planner and our HERA-Student Information System can be purchased in a package for as low as R 3 500. Click here to order

If you would like to see any improvements or have any questions in HERA-Student Information System, please send us an e-mail message at the following: .