Turbo Planner: Allocation Of Space

Turbo Planner will handle all allocation of space. What use is a great timetable, if it cannot be implemented at your school, because the space is not available?

With Turbo Planner you can determine that only certain subjects are taught in a particular location. This is essential, for example, with regard to gymnasiums or covered swimming pools.

Locations might be reserved for the purpose of primarily teaching certain subjects. It is also possible however, to utilize the same locations for lessons which do not require a specific type of location. Turbo Planner offers the ability, to mark such a location with the additional characteristic of being of a universal nature.

It would then be possible to conduct a lesson that forms part of a linkage which cannot be taught in classrooms in such a location.

You can of course also specify that certain locations are only of a universal nature. In such an instance no teaching may be conducted in the location if it requires a special type of facility.


Often more than one location is available for a subject, for example, if a sports hall is divided into three parts, or when several locations are suitable for teaching physics. In such instances, it is possible to specify a preferential, automatic allocation of the location to a particular class, or a particular teacher.

Another practical example of preferential allocation to individual locations is when the traditionally utilized space for teaching has to be reallocated, due to a lack of space. In such an instance, it is possible to make a preferential allocation according to which a particular class will use the location. The same location can be allocated to other lessons while this class receives lessons in specialized locations, for example, when practicing sports.


The program competently allocates locations automatically, but you may wish to make other allocations. For this reason, you have the opportunity to exchange lessons among locations, while checking the locations.


You can print individual schedules in a wide variety of ways. You can produce special schedules for the utilization of locations, or print the allocation of locations according to the schedules for classes, teachers, pupils and organizations.