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Not all tuition consists of one teacher and one class. A lot of tuition overlaps classes, or is conducted by two teachers for one class.

An infinite variety of combinations is possible. We therefore created a flexible method for making entries which displays the respective linkages.

You can, for example, simultaneously place three religious courses with an ethics course in the timetable. The respective teachers can teach pupils from other classes. The first teacher could, for example, have pupils from 5a and 5b, the second from 5b and 5c, the third teacher of religion from class 5a, 5b and 5c. The ethics teacher, in turn, teaches pupils from all three classes.

If the courses have different durations, it will not present a problem to Turbo Planner!

We refrain from detailing all possible combinations, as they are determined according to the variation in the number of lessons and the differing combination of pupils from various classes, since it is impossible to include everyone's special circumstances. Please contact us at +49-2241-39749-0, if you have a special requirement, or send an e-mail to .