Turbo Planner: Creating A Detailed Frame Of Reference For Your School

Turbo Planner adapts itself to your school. The range of circumstances, combinations, and variations, that are to be found in the daily life of a school are provided for.

The framework in which your school operates is the core around which everything else revolves. How many lessons are contained within a day at your school? Does teaching take place on Saturdays? How many lessons should a teacher conduct every day? What is the minimum and maximum number of lessons which your pupils should receive every day?

These details can be entered within the overall context of the entire school, or you can determine them specifically for each class, teacher and location. For example, you can specify that Mr. Miller, who is a teacher at your school, should not conduct any lesson on Mondays during the third period, class 5a should commence on Tuesdays during the second period, and end the school day with the fourth period and so on.

It is also possible to assign different degrees of priority to such allocations.

Once the overall framework has been established you can easily transfer its details to transparent timetables.

You can also add your personal preferences in order to create a well-compiled timetable.