HERA-Student Information System: Printout of lists

HERA-Student Information System compiles an extensive range of information about pupils and teachers. This information is often required in differing combinations.

Since every school requires different lists, HERA-Student Information System features a list generator that you can use to compile almost any kind of list quickly and easily at all times.

Approximately forty programmed lists have already been included which you can utilize when you use the program for the first time and as examples.

You will find details of the new features in Version 2001 by clicking here.

The following basic options are at your disposal for the compilation of lists:

When designing a list, you can first select the database's fields as you wish and print them in any sequence on paper. You can set the widths according to your requirements.

Then indicate, which data must be displayed in the list.

You can determine the basic layout for each list. This means that you will be able to determine from among the many options whether a list will feature lines or frames, or whether numbering is required.

Here are some examples of the options:

We list only a few examples since we can not detail all possibilities that are to be found in practice! It is also possible to combine the above mentioned examples.

The selected information can be sorted in whichever way you wish. The criteria for sorting does not have to be part of the list. You can set up to four criteria in succession for sorting.

Thereafter you can also divide the sorted data into groups. This is useful for example, if you wish to subdivide pupils according to the areas in which they live.